Serving Santa Fe, Los Alamos & Rio Arriba Counties

First District Court [“Programs”  – “Alternative Dispute Resolution” or “Family Court Services & Mediation”]

Family Court Services

Domestic Relations Mediation

Assists with development of Parenting Plans for custody and/or visitation

Priority Consultation

Provides brief, focused child custody evaluations

Advisory Consultation

Provides comprehensive child custody evaluations

Child Abuse and Neglect Mediation

Assists parents and the CYFD to create agreements for legal and treatment issues

Open Adoptions Mediation

Assists with post-adoption child visitation arrangements


Gary Lombardo, Director
Phone: 505-455-8238

Court Constituent Services Division (CCSD) – ADR for Civil Cases:

Self-Help Center

Serves people without attorneys. Provides forms, information about court procedures, document review services (for divorce and parenting cases), and a monthly orientation class. Does NOT provide legal advice.


Foreclosure cases

Settlement Facilitation

Domestic cases – assistance with property and debt division, all civil cases, including probate and foreclosure


Joanne Trujillo
Phone: 505-455-8145

Resolution Day

In Domestic Relations cases, assistance is available twice monthly to quickly resolve some issues in the case. The issues raised by Motions for Orders to Show Cause, Motions to Enforce, Simple Pro se Divorces, and other relatively simple matters are resolved by the agreement of the parties, or by a same-day decision of the judge.