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ADR: Paths to Settlement

Resolución Alternativa de Disputas: Vías a la conciliación

2. How Does Online Dispute Resolution work?

If you received a notice from the court, simply follow the instructions to go to the site and start your negotiation. The Plaintiff will make an initial offer, then the Defendant may agree to that offer or provide a counter-offer.  Hopefully, both parties will be able to come to an agreement that resolves the case.

If settled, an agreement will be prepared automatically, both parties will approve of the agreement and it will become an enforceable agreement by the court.              

During the first two weeks of negotiations, if an agreement has not been reached, either party may request the help a trained mediator. If the other party agrees to mediation, a mediator will be assigned to your case and will contact you to assist in reaching an agreement. All this is done online.

If after 30 days you have not settled your case, the online negotiation will end, and your case will go forward in the court system and you will be contacted on what actions to take next.

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