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ADR: Paths to Settlement


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Short Readings

The American Bar Association (ABA) has given permission to share the following Short Readings …

Guide to Dispute Resolution and Benefits

Role of Attorneys in the Mediation

A comprehensive guide on role of an attorney when representing their client in mediation. 

Beyond the Myths

This pamphlet, for legal aid and pro bono professionals, provides answers to the most common myths and barriers to the use of mediation. 

Court ADR Clearinghouse Summary

Summary of court ADR clearinghouse.  It includes information about the type of cases handled by each program, the ADR processes offered, as well as statutory authorizations and relevant rules.

The Guide to Dispute Resolution Processes

is designed to educate members of the public about dispute resolution processes commonly used to resolve legal, community, school, public policy and many other types of disputes. The Guide explains what dispute resolution is, why it is used, and defines ten different dispute resolution processes.

A Manual for Legal Services and Pro Bono Mediation Programs

 – This manual has been created to assist legal services and pro bono agencies in developing mediation programs.