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ADR: Paths to Settlement

Resolución Alternativa de Disputas: Vías a la conciliación

Online Dispute Resolution, or ODR, is a free tool provided by the New Mexico Courts Online Dispute Resolution Center to resolve a Debt & Money Due case. This  is  an informal  process  that  provides those  actually  involved  in  a  court  case with  the  opportunity to determine the best resolution for all involved.  It is a chance to end a legal dispute in a way that minimizes time spent at court and saves money.

It offers a safe, private, online space to negotiate a satisfactory resolution with the other party. In some cases, this can reduce harm to a party’s credit rating and help avoid wage garnishments or other collections procedures. It gives everyone involved the opportunity to negotiate online, including the option of requesting assistance from a neutral, online mediator. 

Benefits include: 

  • ​New Mexicans save time and money by using ODR to quickly settle lawsuits over unpaid debts
  • ODR offers a convenient alternative to appearing in court in person
  • ODR makes it easier for those with a legal problem to navigate the court system

For more information, click here for the frequently asked questions page and watch the informational video below. 

Click here to view to the Supreme Court order that authorizes the ODR program pilot.

SPECIAL PILOT FOR MAGISTRATE COURTS: Cases will be referred to Modria before the answer is filed if email addresses are in the party record.

Click here for ODR Overview by
Chief Justice Judith Nakamura.
Learn More about the steps in the Online Dispute Resolution process.

Need Assistance? 

For Technical Assistance: 
email: odr.modriasupport@tylertech.com  
phone: 833-803-5492

For Case Information: Case Lookup

For other assistance with your case, contact the court where your case is filed: Find a Court

For general ODR information: 
email: odr@nmcourts.gov  
phone: 505-827-4960